Sunday, January 4, 2015

Warning...if you are a visualizer, you may want to stop here.

It was my night to stay with the pup.  Apparently, it was also my night to sleep soundly!  Until 3:00 am.  Thankfully, I got up to go to the bathroom.  On the way, I discover that I had slept far too soundly and the dog had needed attention while her owner was "out"!  Deftly, I sidestepped the mess only to step in what must have been her first foray.  I said I slept soundly!  Anyhow, as I finished cleaning the floor and the feet, I noticed that the tree on the neighbor's deck has blown over.  How that could have happened is beyond me.  It appeared that it would block her exit, so the only neighborly thing to do would be to set it back up before she needed out (or for that matter, before her dog needed out.)  Did I mention the time?  I pulled on my sweat pants, put on my jacket and stocking cap, and headed over.  Of course, at a -34 "feels like" temperature, I was quick to notice that putting on shoes and socks might have been a more intelligent choice.  While tongue on cold steel sounds worse, (The Christmas Story?), bare feet on concrete has its own rewards.  Dancing my way there and back, I return to the relative safety and warmth of the couch and contemplate my Intelligence Quotient.  How's that for a picture?  Keep warm and know you are loved!

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  1. The 3 of you have had quite a week, haven't you? Poor Rocci!