Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Happiness

I am, apparently, a man easily pleased.  A smile.  A compliment.  A meal.  Friends.  It is in these simple things I find my greatest joy. 
  • When I come across someone I know (or should know, or have never met) and I am greeted with a smile, my day improves. 
  • God knows I have always sought  approbation (a character flaw I to which I readily admit), and when it happens, my day improves. 
  • When days become long and tedious...when life becomes presumptive of my time and effort...when Pollyanna leaves my soul, I plea "feed me", for the meal improves my day. 
  • When I can unequivocally give my heart to another, and know that reciprocity exists, my day is made. 
Today I am 65.  I smile because I am able to enjoy it. I give my compliments to those around me that make EVERY day special.  I plan to celebrate with food (in copious amounts).  And I thank God for the friends who make every day a celebration of being.  On my birthday, I give to you the greatest gift that I have:  You are loved!

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