Saturday, July 11, 2015

a day at the lake

Following today's committal service, the sister-in-law of the laid to rest invited us to her place at the lake.  First, let me tell you of my affinity for the lake.  When I was aging, we lived at the lake, and I loved it.  When we left town each night and turned the corner on the lake road, the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  Add a little breeze from the right direction, and no heat could conquer.  The sound of waves just before I fell asleep had the most wonderful soothing effect.  Add an air mattress and a good book, and a day could pass so quickly you wouldn't know it had gone.  Yeah.  I liked the lake.  And I liked the lake today.  It was hot.  There was a breeze.  And we were with family and friends who all knew our aunt--loved our aunt--and shared that love with each other.  Her children for the most part were there.  Her husband was not well enough to travel from California to the plains of South Dakota, so he was missed.  But what impressed me the most was there were two distinct families in attendance.  You see, she was our aunt by marriage, so her genetic family was there.  Great people.  Sharing people.  Then there were the in-laws.  Great people.  Sharing people.  There was only one thing--why did it take a funeral to bring us together at the lake?  For goodness sake, before you go to bed, arrange a time where EVERYONE you want can be there.  Don't wait for the funeral to make it happen.  Let the waves of today wash over all, and know you are loved!

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