Thursday, July 9, 2015

weddings and funerals

We have one of each this weekend. 
Tomorrow, our great niece marries the man with whom she has chosen to spend "the rest of her life".  At least, that's what the vows say.  For her sake, I hope she is as lucky as I was when making that decision.  Nothing is more important.  Nothing else will affect the direction your life will take.
Saturday, we lay to rest our Aunt.  She was an amazing lady, raising interesting children, and I can think of no higher compliment.  While she died some time ago, they are bringing her "home" to be buried.  A fitting end to a good life. 
Committal .
Both with bring "the family" together.  Granted the wedding is "my side" and the funeral and "Cath's side", but we thankfully believe that what is mine is thine.  So we will revel with the Zubke chromosomal units and wish her well.  And we will revel (in a reverential way) with the Johnson chromosomal units and wish her well.  And with both families, we will share the joy and love that make us just that...a family. 
To this, we shall commit!

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