Friday, July 24, 2015

The end...

of year two!  Today marks my 730 blog posting.  My math says that is 365X2!  God knows how many topics have been repeated.  God knows how many recipes have been shared.  God knows what may happen in the future.  But after two years, I thought we should share.  Okay, I will share and you will read.  After reading, feel free to share and/or comment as you wish, either on this page or e-mail me via my web presence--  (You'll notice I made it a link so you can just come back here to get to that page!  Darn clever, wouldn't you agree?)  Ye faithful know I am a sucker for Sound of Music.  Today, after 2 years, my psyche wants to proclaim "a few of my favorite things."
Favorite person:  Cathryn Annette Lewis Zubke--has been for over 42 years.
Favorite food:  Chicken, followed closely by any potato product
Favorite place in the USA (other than home):  Bryce Canyon in Utah.  If you go...when you sure to hike down into the Hoodoo's.  My breath was taken away every time I came upon a new vista.  A religious experience.
Favorite place outside the USA:  There are so many, but proximity and time would lead me to answer Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil.  See comment on breath above!
Favorite playLove, Loss, and What I Wore.  Nora Ephron was a genius.
Favorite musicalSouth Pacific.  My most "enchanted evening"?  Front row at Rockefeller Center with amazing friends and the parents of Lt. Cable's understudy (who was performing that evening) sitting next to me!
Favorite book:  Burr by Gore Vidal.  No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started this book and by the seventh night, I was on page 20--and had fallen asleep the six previous nights because I was bored to death!  At this point in time, probably The Crossroads Cafe, but as a lad, I inhaled the James Bond series--still a fun read
Favorite literary genre:  Mystery (infused with plenty of humor and word play!)
Favorite songHallelujah by Leonard Cohen.  The juxtaposition of notes is legendary.
Favorite saying:  "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
Favorite studentEvery single one I ever had in class.  I especially liked the "edgy" ones that hadn't yet decided to be good or bad students.  They were a challenge.
Favorite sport for participation:  Hiking.
Favorite sport to watch on tv:  Any movie that's on opposite the sport.
Favorite apparel: The less, the better.  Shorts over 40 degrees, sweats under 40 degrees.
Personal mission statement:  To add value to every experience I encounter.
Summary:  I am a hopeless romantic; a teenager locked in a senior citizen's body; an optimist.  I seek and get all the attention any one person should have.  I recognize the power of deeds over words.  I recognize that words can devastate.  And I know I am who I am thanks to everyone I have ever met.  Most importantly, above all else, beyond a shadow of a doubt, indubitably, I believe in and understand the overwhelming effect of love.  And in case you don't know it after two years, let me share this:

You Are Loved!

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