Friday, July 3, 2015

It strikes me as strange...

We celebrate Christmas Eve.  We celebrate New Year's Eve.  We celebrate All Saints' Eve.  We "celebrate" the 40 days before Easter.  We have a big sale the day after Thanksgiving.  And yet, on the day before the most important political event in our country's life, it's simply July 3.  Oh, there will be an errant fire work or two, set off by those unable to refrain from burning up their money.  Families will be traveling to the lake, or to the cabin, or to the folks, to consume copious quantities of adult beverages, grilled beast, and watermelon.  Tomorrow, there will be parades (heck, I'm even in one!), and candy and sparklers and we will for one short day celebrate the fact that we are free to say what we believe, to practice what we believe, to live what we believe.  I believe that's not enough.  So tonight, I will celebrate the men and women who defend our country.  I will celebrate the men and women who keep us safe at home.  I will celebrate the men and women who govern us, and I will celebrate the ring of freedom's bell.  Know you are lucky, and know you are loved!

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