Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a?

I'm not an etymologist.  Heck, without spell check, I can't even type it!  Last night, the neighbor to the north called me over to witness an unusual experience.  I saw a hole in the ground with a pile of dirt directly to the east of it.  No big deal.  Until this "thing" flies out of the hole, deposits a little more dirt, and flies back in the hole.  Yikes.  In.  Out with dirt.  In.  Out with dirt.  Since I have a Y chromosome, it was determined that I capture it to discover what it was.  Yeah.  Right.  Off goes I to get a zip-lock bag.  Place the bag over the hole.  Capture said flying object.  But I'm afraid to seal the bag lest it escape.  So we get a bigger bag and quickly place the small one inside.  Whilst the beast is attempting to escape the small bag, I manage to get the large one sealed.  If you aren't laughing now, you should have seen it in person!  Thankfully, it is captured and my manly aura remains intact.  Anyhow, I have e-mailed a picture to the Game, Fish, and Parks group to see if they can identify it.  I shall go get my Superman t-shirt!  Know you are loved!


  1. Yes, I was laughing. You painted a great word picture. PLEASE let us know when you know the name of the flying critter.

  2. Do you know what it is yet?