Monday, July 13, 2015

It's not my fault.

Oh, how many times have I said that, when it is a rationalization rather than the truth.  Accepting praise is not difficult.  Accepting responsibility?  Sometimes!  Like today at bridge.  We set out the numbered boards.  Specific boards to specific tables.  Everyone plays the same cards, so it's imperative that the boards are positioned as needed.  Play begins.  We finish the first round.  Time to move the boards.  Oops.  Someone obviously looked at the second round numbers rather than the first.  Wrong boards.  Screws EVERYTHING up.  Why didn't they check?  That was my first response.  Then, the truth hit me.  If I had put the right number at the right table,  it would have been no problem.  My fault--entirely.  But my first inclination?  Hmmmmmm.  As a result, we were unable to score the day.  No losers.  Everyone won!  Not the reason they came, but they were extremely gracious.  No tar.  No feathers.  Just a really red face!  Some days, it sucks to be me. 
Life in the universe will not change because I screwed up.  The world will continue to turn.  No one will suffer egregious pain or suffering.  And god knows, I'll be more careful next week.  But for today, Mea Culpa!  Mea Culpa!  Mea Maximus Culpa!

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