Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It was two adults and four children who met us at Applebee's for lunch.  Truly a blended family. 

He is my sister's middle child...fearfully, in many ways, a mini-me!  He works as a policeman/detective in Missouri.  They have no idea of how lucky they are to have someone with his heart!

She is a teacher--a phenomenal role model--and his second wife.  She cares for him so obviously.

His daughter, a high school student, is blessed with an amazing singing voice and the warmth of family.

Her daughter, a high school student, is vivacious and bright and a cheerleader!  She still wants to run into my arms and be hugged.

They, the two young boys in the group, are the sons of my sister's youngest.  Next year a seventh grader and a fourth grader, they are still willing to be hugged and teased and loved.

They are on their way to a family wedding.  My sis's oldest son's oldest daughter.  They could have simply gone on to the wedding site.  They didn't have to stop and see us.  But they did.  The conversation never lagged.  The obvious devotion among the six was delightful.  Some people HAVE to love their family.  I get to!  It was a good lunch!

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