Monday, July 6, 2015

Again with the walk on water thing!

Following the parade, I knew my knee hurt.  The bursitis was flaring up.  But I'm a man.  I can handle a little pain.  Yeah, right!  Saturday night the knee won.  Every so often, some imp would run into the room, find a 15 inch pin and stick it in my knee.  My breath would take a vacation.  But Sunday would be better.  Yeah, right!  Cath got tired of the quick inhales followed by the twitch.  Advil.  Nothing.  Somehow, Sumday night, I slept well.  Got up without wincing.  At last, the pain had abated.  Yeah, right.  By 7:00, the imp had returned.  9:30 in the doc's office.  One shot.  Oh my goodness.  I can walk.  I can sit.  I can move without pain.  If miraculous is too strong a word, so be it!  I love my doc!  And I love you!

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