Friday, July 31, 2015

The end of July

Andy Rooney said it best.  "Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!"  How is it possible that July will become August tomorrow?  Where?  Where did it go?  It was only yesterday that I was in sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and a winter coat.  I want more time to sweat without all the clothes!  Maybe October and November will be balmy.  Maybe the thermometer will not register below freezing until December.  Maybe pigs will fly.  I guess the only thing is to pack as much as I can into the out doors now!  To that end, I'm going to mow tomorrow!  Beats the every lovin' bejeebers out of shoveling!!!!  And.........look out August!  Enjoy every single second, and know you are loved!

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