Saturday, July 25, 2015

Medical alert

My caduceus is not hanging in front of the house.  My bachelor of science degree is a sham, although I did pass all the science classes.  (Note--take them in the summer and they are a lot less difficult!)  I am neither an herbalist or a whole-food specialist.  I even haven't tried those non-prescription drugs (but if I'm ever in Colorado...).  There is no basis for what I am about to suggest.  But suggest, I will.  If you are having joint pain--knee--elbow--shoulder, and are a chronic user of food-stuffs containing aspertame, try giving it up for two weeks.  You could try the Stevia-like sweetener (I did--couldn't tolerate it!) or switch as we have to products using sucralose.  Diet Rite Cola.  Sparkling Ice.  Splenda. Or good old fashioned seltzer water.  I know Cath has spurned Aspertame for some time, and her knee problems have abated.  I switched, just because it was easier to use the same products, and my knee problems have abated.  (Of course, I did have a shot, but it didn't seem to work until I tried the new regimen!)  Without thinking, two days ago I drank a quantity of Crystal Lite lemonade, and surprise...the knee hurt.  Call it a placebo.  Call it mind over matter.  Call it an old husband's tale.  But if you have pain in those joints, try it for two weeks.  What, except pain, do you have to lose?  For what it's worth.  And you are loved!


  1. OMG! How very interesting. I rarely drink soda or Crystal Lite, so I need to check the few sugar substituting products I do use to see what is going on. Great info William.