Sunday, July 12, 2015

Realistic. Specific. Measurable.

If you are a Facebook Friend (or F Squared, as I prefer to call it!), you will know that this morning I set a goal.  I wanted to finish the book I have been reading for some time.  It was a novel by Elizabeth George.  First--if you haven't read her, do so.  The language is superb (I always learn at least five new words in each of her novels--of course, at my age, they may be the same five, but hey!).  Her use of plot development is extraordinary.  Her character development, superb.  Why, then, you might ask, has it taken so long to finish?  First, the book was flippin' long.  To become engrossed required a time commitment, and those of you who know me know time is the most valuable of things in my control.  I have chosen to do other things.  But nature decided my time spent today would be inside.  I could watch television...or not.  I could clean the basement...or not.  I could sit down with the Kindle and read the rest of my book.  After all, it said I only had 4 hr. and 36 minutes left.  Yeah!  It tells me in hours when I should be done.  I'm not sure, but I think it actually keeps track of the average speed at which you turn the page and does the math.  It scares the crap out of me!  But you know...I always like a challenge.  In this case, I knew I could "name that tune" in fewer than four hours.  Game on.  Never mind the dog needed feeding.  Never mind supper had to be made.  Never mind that nature called--and at my age--frequently.  I took the machine with me.  First time I've ever made cole slaw while someone was being stabbed in the neck.  But before our afternoon/evening meal, the case was solved, the denouement accomplished, and the teaser for a new novel established.  Total time from onset of reading, 3 hours and 22 minutes!  Success!  Was the goal realistic?  Yes!  Was the goal specific?  Yes!  Was the goal measurable?  Yes!  Am I obsessive/compulsive?  Yes!!!  But isn't that what goal setting is all about?  Make someone's day today, and know you are loved! 

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