Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Open letter to whomever

Dear reader(s!)
Happy Bastille Day!
Understanding I am a bearded xy chromosomal unit, you may find this post quixotic.  But today, I celebrated an event so monumental, I feel the necessity to share.  My Facebook post this morning extolled the colors encountered on a sojourn to Pierre.  This travel precipitated an early rise and shine followed by a quick shower and shave.  (Don't panic--just the trim-up kind of shave!). Spendthrift that I am, I opted for a new blade for the razor.  HEAVEN!  It didn't feel like I was ripping the hairs out one by one.  It didn't take 5 swipes over each sector to approximate a clean shave.  A little gel, minimal effort, and the task was accomplished.  I suppose this unusual event could be repeated more than once a year, but razor blades are expensive!  And every five to seven days, at least for the next twelve months or so, I shall enjoy and remember this morning!  
Cheaply yours, bz

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