Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's now official.

The parts have been assigned--at least in my head.  The props have been organized--at least on paper.  It's going to be a "you can't miss this" kind of performance.  My harem of nine will titillate and amuse you with Claire Booth Luce's "The Women"!  Done in readers' theatre format, you will meet the most interesting, eclectic characters to walk this earth.  They are indeed, Everywoman!  August 5 and 6 are the performance nights, and tickets are available at Town Players, Mellette House, and god alone knows where else.  This IS a benefit performance for TP and the MH, so not only will you get to hear and see an amazing production, you will be supporting two amazing organizations.  And rumor is, there will be sweets available prior to the performances provided by...Yup!  Mark your calendars now.  Plan your vacations accordingly.  Save your sheckles and join us!  And of course, remember you are loved!

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