Saturday, July 18, 2015

I had to giggle

It's Cath's turn to sleep with the dog.  That means I'm upstairs and have the bed.  Whee!  On my way up, on the first landing, lies an AARP magazine.  I'm perplexed!  Is it supposed to go up or down?  I don't recall putting it there (which of course is absolutely no guarantee that I didn't), but instead of asking, I just continue up the stairs leaving the magazine exactly where it was.  When I go down in the morning, I'll pick it up and take it down...or not.  The ironic thing is, it's a magazine on aging, and the memory is obviously the second thing to go!  Alas!  Now, if I can just remember to go to bed!  Tee hee.  See, I told you I had to!  Know you are loved!!!

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