Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A different hat

Should you see something not well toned, somewhat flabby and drooping following behind me, that would be my rump!  Just got home from a day of prepping and cooking for a private party in the club room at Hy-Vee.  Truth--I ain't as young as I used to was!  Understand, the club room is an amazing kitchen in which to teach.  It is set up so that everyone can see what is going on.  I love the time I spend there, partially because it gives me a chance to play with food, and partially because Kim, my boss, is an amazing young lady who sees to it that I have everything I could want in terms of equipment.  That being said, tonight was a bit nerve-wracking.  Demonstrating one dish to a class is different than cooking fifteen meals for people who have paid real money for the opportunity to eat what we prepare.  We were, in my estimation, a little ambitious given our grill space tonight.  Surf and turf with twice baked potatoes, a pear strata salad, and fresh blueberry sour cream almond crumble pie was a lot.  I think they enjoyed it, but it was hard work.  God knows what it would have been like without Kim and our helper Maggie.  But we survived, I ate lots of things I shouldn't have, and am now semi prone in the recliner.  Tomorrow is my speaking hat day, so we'll see what that brings.  One thing about it, I'm not going to be bored!  Thanks for "listening" to my rant and know you are loved!p

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