Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's simply a matter of degree(s)

Or maybe, a matter of comparison!  Having survived the treacherous, furrowed, frost covered streets on my morning run, I realized that while my gait may have been unusual, my derri√®re was not frozen when I got home!  Could it be the 60 degree increase in temp from Monday to Saturday?  YES!  And what better way to celebrate than sun worshiping in my Hawaiian clothing (not to mention my Underarmor compression shorts!) with an umbrella drink in my hand?  (During Cath's photo session, I'm sure the cars that went by were impressed!). Okay, so the umbrella wasn't all that subtle...sorry!  The point (if indeed there is one) is finding joy rather than accepting misery!  May you enjoy whatever you enjoy to the greatest degree and always know you are loved!

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  1. just spent 5 days in the northland. Very glad to be back in the AZ temps. At least it won't take a week to warm up this year. You are a bright spot in my day...everyday. Thank you.