Monday, January 6, 2014

Life is like a book....

if you don't travel, you're always on the same page!  At least, that's what the poster in the book store in Nova Scotia said!  As I sit here, virtually frozen in location (-49 wind chill?), I revisit the places we have been, and realize how truly lucky we have been.  But not everyone can (or should) do what we have done.  Over-seas may not be a possibility for you.  Canada and Mexico may not be a possibility for you.  But a trip to the library is, and there is no place on earth you can't visit there.  Okay, you could use the internet as well, but at least the library will get you out of the house (and hence meet the travel requirement!).  Just be sure it's open!  And who says you have to visit a particular place.  Pick up a good mystery.  Pick up a gooey romance.  Pick up a little science fiction (a flight of fancy is almost as good as a flight via Delta!).  On a day like today, a little escapism is totally in order!  Aloha, adios, ciao, ta-ta, sayanora, so long mate, and know you are loved!

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