Sunday, January 5, 2014

I've never won anything...

Until last night!  It was the Hy-Vee Christmas party.  Yup, I am an employee.  Actually, I'm the "chef" in the club room and teach classes on occasion.  As a result, I am an official employee and as such, invited to the Christmas/New Year's party, which was last night. Good food, fun people, and GREAT entertainment...Dueling Pianos with a phenomenal sax player/fiddler who blew my sox off!  All three were amazingly talented.  Anyhoo, just before the entertainment, the boss gave away eight 39" flat screen tv's and mine was the first name drawn!  Cool!  So of course, I've spent this abysmal weather day enjoying!  Life continues to amaze me, but not the fact that you are loved!

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