Thursday, January 23, 2014

The good people do

Tonight I get to speak to the board and their significant others from the boys and girls club.  It becomes a labor of love, because I so admire what this organization provides for our community!  A safe haven is an amazing thing to offer a child in meed, and a blessing for parents.  As I talk about attitude tonight, I will be speaking to the choir (okay, I know the saying is preaching to the choir, but I just can't see me as a preacher!).  Of course it won't stop's never that easy to shut me up!  The topic for the night is "The rules of this game called life" and I get to set them!  Cool, huh?  I have my megaphones ready, cuz every game needs cheerleaders, right?  We'll see what happens.  It does give me the opportunity, however, to thank all of you for the things you do for others.  It is those opportunities to give back that truly make this an amazing world.  You are loved!

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