Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Miss Loosewheel

used to espouse that there was nothing quite as over as Christmas.  That is especially true in the Zubke household today.  Being January 1, the rule says the Christmas decorations come down.  And down they came--all 18 trips to the shed!  We have initiated a new policy this year--if it didn't get used, it gets tossed.  Frighteningly, it still took those 18 trips!  You probably have guessed by now that we do like Christmas, and we have been known to extend the decorations a bit.  Now that they are gone, the house looks big...and clean...and a little lonesome!  But the heart curtains are up in the bathroom, the cover-me-up drape hiding the washer/dryer connections we will need to use when we get older is bright red with gold "love" written all over it, and the oh my god can't he aim a little better rug in front of the toilet is bright red.  Christmas may be over, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  You can't keep a hopeless romantic down!  May your new year be filled with love, romance, and an occasional hug from a friend.  Consider this your first, for you are loved!

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