Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So Miraculously an Undeniably Glad I finished my run for the day.  It was the shortest of my routes, which means it was the fastest pace.  Okay, maybe today it was half-fast.  It would only be appropriate since when I was growing up, my dad said I often did things half-fast!  I think that's what he said (he may have spelled it differently!).  Anyway, it is done and I can now skip tomorrow when the snow is supposed to come and the wind is supposed to blow 50 mph in a sustained pattern!  This means I can also skip the dreadmill and this is a good thing.  Why did I feel the necessity to run?  It seems that that experiment I talked about the other day was a complete and devastating success, and my averdupois has increased geometrically!  My feeling is this...some pain, less gain!  Unfortunately, my inner control says no pain, accept the gain.  Oh well, if I could eat and not gain, I'd truly be smug!  As it is, I'm fluffy, and you are loved!

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