Saturday, January 18, 2014


It has simply been one of those rare days.  You know the type, when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary?  Morning started at the usual time.  Coffee and puzzles ensued.  Cath was off to a meeting and I shoveled.  Okay.  Boring.  But then, we were invited over to friends for lunch.  (I love being an adult.  It means you can have wine with lunch!)  The meal was delightful, followed by a white chocolate cheesecake with raspberries.  Not boring any more.  Lunch was followed by a most delightful combination of discussion topics, each in itself grist for continued conversation and thought, but one of those magic times when one topic led to another.  No lulls.  No discomfort.  Just four adults who mutually respect each other and see several things in a similar fashion.  We don't necessarily agree on all items, but are willing to listen to and consider opposite viewpoints.  Here's the thing.  The afternoon cemented in my mind what friendship is...the ability to spend time together and completely enjoy the experience.  It is that thing that makes anything ordinary extraordinary!  The day was not so much what we did, but with whom we did it.  Friends make the mundane exceptional.  And we are blessed with the friends we have!  I forget to tell them that from time to time.  Thank you, friends.  You make the difference in our lives.  And you are loved!

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