Sunday, January 19, 2014

Once a teacher...

Running frees the mind, allowing it to wander at will (or, in my case wonder what the heck I am doing!).  Having wandered my way around town, my mind (what little there is of it) flashed back to my teaching days.  Tests.  I hated to take tests.  I hated to grade tests.  I hated to give tests.  But I did, and I did, and I did.  My favorite test was the debate final for ninth graders.  It was one question, and had two (and only two) possible answers.  The question?  "Why?"  I'll let you ponder that.  Then, in my career readiness class, in lieu of a test the students had to do an actual interview.  In their practices, they were all asked to explain what traits they possessed that would make them the best candidate for the job.  The follow up, however, had to be "prove it!"  They had to demonstrate that they possessed and could use the skill they espoused.  The most difficult of tasks for most of us to perform is to say something good about ourselves.  Self-effacement is a natural tendency, but probably won't land you the job.  So, having reflected on these two items, and having had time to quit sweating, I would pose the following test question to you.  What is there about you that makes you lovable?  (Must be something, because I do!)  Now, before you go to bed tonight, prove it!  Do that thing that makes you an important part of someone's life!  Rest assured, this is not graded.  But it is required!  And when I next succumb to the desire to run, I want to here a resounding response to the question, "Who loves ya, baby?", with "you do, bz!"

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