Friday, January 31, 2014

It takes two

For 16 years (in March), these two sisters have lightened our lives.  Contrary to their appearance, they are litter mates!  For years, we have made disparaging comments about their mother's loose sense of morality (we believe they had two separate fathers) but as we were enjoying our company this past weekend and explaining our philosophy, our guest quite simply said, "Maybe she was raped!"  Guess there really are two sides to every issue!  Whatever the real circumstance, we have been the lucky recipients of the result.  But that's an FYI.   The real purpose  of the photo was their proximity.  With one bed completely empty, the two nestle in the smaller of the two, sharing contact and warmth.  How much better for all of us to share!  Life is better.  Life is warmer.  Life is more comfortable.  Life is BETTER!  Let me share with you.  You are loved!

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