Friday, January 24, 2014

hooray for the yy's

Amazing.  Women.  I have had the fortune to know.  But I’m ahead of myself.  We started the morning having breakfast with a good friend at Perkins.  Like all friendships, there was no dearth of conversational topics.  Eventually, the name of a particular female friend we had shared came up.  She is dead now, but was a force of nature when alive.  Bright.  Witty.  Capable.  A former teacher, entrepreneur, financial advisor, and heroine of my wife’s since ninth grade.  For those of you who remember Dee, you understand of what I speak.  It started me thinking, however, of the women with whom I have chosen to surround myself.  Of course, there were the two with whom I was sharing breakfast.  Not one person I know would argue how amazing the woman I married is.  She is a phenomenal teacher.  She is an amazing friend.  And she obviously has the patience of a saint, being married to me for over 40 years.  Then there is the woman whose idea breakfasting together was.  (Who says I can’t awkwardly construct a sentence?)  Likewise a former teacher, she has an amazing ability to talk on a plethora of topics and the uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable in her presence!  She is the epitome of a model when it comes to respect.  And the fun thing is, she doesn’t know it.  We are so lucky to call her friend.  She is today’s inspiration!
I thought this was going to be easy.  I would simply mention the characteristics of the numerous other women who have impacted my life.  Mother.  Sister.   Teacher.  Teacher.  Teacher.  Lifelong friend.  Lifelong friend.  Lifelong friend.  Lifelong friend.   Longtime friend.  Longtime friend.  Longtime friend.  Old friend rediscovered.  New friend.  New friend.  New friend.  Mature ladies.  Middle age ladies.  Young ladies.  Each of them willing to accept me for who I am.  Each of them willing to understand my foibles and help me work through them.  Each of them a “Dee” to me.  We are all, each of us, an amalgam of our friendship choices.  I have been luckier than most that “my” yy chromosomal friendships have yielded rewards beyond measure.  Guys, you’ll get your chance, but today, “let’s hear it for the girls”!  Ladies, you are loved!

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