Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A "regular" day

The littlest things in life can make the most difference.  We're on our hiking trip.  We have a 16 year old puppy.  The only plausible alternative was to board her with the vet (whom we love) or in the kennel (which is a very nice place) but in both cases, she would be caged and alone for the greater portion of each day.  Neither of us was comfortable with either solution, but of course, said nothing.  Enter Amy, Rocci's groomer.  When we mentioned we would kennel her, she immediately informed us that her mother was a dog sitter, and why didn't we use her.  Of course, she did live in Sioux Falls, but since we were headed to Rapid City, that was. to a problem.  We called.  She said yes.  Have you ever felt like a huge weight had been lifted from you shoulders?  Rocci will have human contact!  She will have a house to live in and a wonderful woman to feed and pill her.  Cool.  In fact, we've already had a message from Juanita (or Saint Juanita as we now call her) to say that Rocci had managed to go outside, do her thing, eat her food, take her pill, and settle in.  Way cool!  Now, I wonder if she'll want  to come home?  Hmmmm.  Little things!  Know you are loved!

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