Sunday, August 24, 2014

The ascension!

Since last we talked...the tractor collectors were an absolute hoot!  They were so warm and welcoming!  I sat at a table of three couples, names unnecessary (you've figured out I don't remember them, right?) but who made me feel as if we had known each other forever!  The dinner was fine, the awarding of the 20 doe prizes was fine, the welcome from the president of the organization with the report on nominating and electing was fine, the report from the hosts of the winter meeting was fine (but I was getting a little antsy by then!) and the auctioning off of three items was well handled (but I was getting a little antsier), and when the purchaser of the quilt said, "sell it again", donating his money and letting the auctioneer sell it again, I was passed antsy to concerned.  Had I been the audience, I wouldn't have wanted to hear me speak, either.  However, they were amazing...cooperative in their part, and attentive to a fault.  When I finished, I felt good and I think they did too!  Then it was in the car, open the windows, turn the radio up, drink caffeine, eat peanuts, stop once, in Murdo, and back to the cabin by!  Up,at 5:30, breakfast, and surprise, ascend Harney peak!  The weather had precluded the, from doing it yesterday, so as lucky as I gave been in love, I was also lucky in weather.  My knees ache, my feet hurt, and try as you may, the smile on my face won't come off.  Après hike, it was pie and on to the Custer game lodge, where we will spend the next three nights and where there is Wi-Fi!  More smiling!   I will keep you updated, and know you are loved!

Ps...thought you might like to see a "little" of what we saw!

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