Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If it's a trip, there must be doggerel?!

And here it is!  Vicariously join us for a review of last week...and know you are loved!


The day? It was normal, some might say mundane
Jumped into the car...alas 'twas no train.
We're halfway across, look forward to pals
The Tapscotts do find us at Oasis called Al's!

In Wall we arrive and the Larson's are there
We're not yet complete, we wait New York pair!
To Rapid next morning we travel to find
Our Herschel and Fern...they're there!  Peace of mind!

The day does dawn early, to lands that are bad
Our first chance at hiking...a good time we had.
Home for the next nights, I give you no dodge
We unpack our goodies at Sylvan lake lodge!

The poet he screwed up, to Madison flees
The others go hiking their bodies to please
To Harney, not likely, rain turns paths to mulch
And though it is Saturday, they do Sunday gulch!

Together again the preeminent hike
Though windy and coolish the view we do like
We're back down the mountain 'twas cool and 'twas sweet
And then there's that bill, could you eat?

And just to thwart sarah this day isn't terse
Deservingly given it's own second verse.
You see import quickly when purple hit's eye
We clearly remember this day was for pie!

We pack our belongings and into the car
We travel to Custer it's really not far!
In absence, the bear and his little white dove
We sing to them loudly on leap based on love!

While holding my breath we encounter a bison
And soon there appear more upon the horizon
This day it is full but memory save
I conquered great fear and lived through the cave!

It comes quite full circle, the last hike is through
But maybe, just maybe, one more we could do!
Then on into Rapidq, museum so neat
And trip ends as usual!  We go out to eat!

This rhyme it's not able to mention it all
But mem'ries will linger we'll truly recall
A magical moment or boatload of joy
That started with Larson...a girl and a boy!

We cannot deny it, great work they did do
The smallest detail they thought it all through
Locations inviting, that's always the case
The way that they showed us?  Great love for each place.

Tomorrow comes quickly, twill be a short spell
Before we're together more stories to tell.
Thank god for the fortunes rained down from above
To say it seems simple but it's you we do love!

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