Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh beautiful for...

There is no doubt I am an itinerant optimist, a hopeless romantic, and an unflinching patriot.  When America the Beautiful starts to play, I begin to sing and that little flutter of pride wells up in my chest.  That being said, today was a visit to Mt. Rushmore, and I wasn't expecting a great wash of patriotism.  After all, I was just there a month ago.  The afternoon was delightful, and we left for supper.  Upon our return this evening, I was expecting more of the same.  Wrong.  The lighting ceremony had me enthralled, in tears at times, and emotional beyond expectation.  The film was moving.  But when the over 50 servicemen ascended the stage to help lower the flag, my heart swelled with such pride I was overcome.  We are, at our best, an amazing country.  We are the legacy of those who have gone before, and are given the daunting task to be that for those who follow.  Let us not let them down!  Let us be the beautiful...from sea to shining sea!  Thanks for letting this patriotic, romantic optimist spout off, and know you are loved

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