Saturday, August 30, 2014

Age...the time to discuss one's physical infirmaries!

As of 7:00 this morning, I started my eye drop regimen to prepare for cataract surgery on Tuesday.  3 drops in the morning, 2 at noon, 2 at 4:00 and 2 before bed.  Now remember, this is for an infirmity associated with age.  I'm lucky if I can remember I'm having the sucker removed, much less when!  So, being a person of modicum intelligence, I have made a checklist, and have it sitting next to the eye drops. Clever, right.  The only problem is, I have to remember to check the schedule.  I was only 1 1/2 hours late for the first noon drops.  But I got 'em! Now if I can make it the next three days, as assigned.  I thought piece of cake.  Then I read the rest of the instructions.  Continue this regimen for four weeks,  FOUR WEEKS!  By then I will either be a creature of habit, or blind because I forgot!  There is a second sign of aging (other than the willingness to discuss one's medical history), and that is to complain about prices.  $175.00 for three tiny vials of drops?  Really?  That's a lot of Chillada's! But the end result should be the ability to read without bruising my nose because I'm holding the reading material so close!  Worth the effort.  Stay tuned here for future updates...and say a silent prayer that I don't develop hemorrhoids!  Know you are loved!

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