Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It had to happen...

The string is broken.  And I do apologize.  Somehow, yesterday just got away from me.  I thought about you during the day, but never got around to writing.  Then, last night, I had every intention of filling you in on the trivialities of my life, and fell asleep.  It was a good sleep.  Restorative.  Dream-less.  Non-drug induced.  I guess what I'm saying is, if I had to choose between sleep and writing...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!  But today is a bright new day.  The garbage sits by the curb, ready for the city to do its magic.  Of course, I don't remember whether today is a recycle day or not, so it sits out as well, only to have them place a gentle reminder on the receptacle if this isn't its day!  Although I am certain it will not begin "How could you be so stupid?", it will make a point.  I'm on my second load of clothes for the day, my coffee sits in front of me as I write, and somehow all the mundane things of life in the Zubke home just seem right.  Yeah, I could stand to lose a couple pounds.  The basement could be cleaned.  The gardens could be weeded.  The neighbor's yard could be mowed.  Or, we could take off this morning, mowless neighbor and sister-in-law in tow, and head for a Minnesota Twins game tonight.  An adventure.  Diet, clean, weed, mow, or adventure.  I vote E!  I'll report back on the results.  If I don't fall asleep!  Know you are loved!

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