Saturday, August 23, 2014

No service? What do you mean, no service!

So, a day late will still do!  As I sit here in our rustic cabin, a deer grazing just outside our door, the Black Hills rising around us in majestic splendor, the fact that there is no internet service doesn't seem so bad!  Joy would be a hearty breakfast and then ascending Harney Peak with our sojourners on this trip!  Alas, such will not be the case.  Instead, I shall jump in the car, head all the way across the state, and speak to a group of antique tractor collectors!  That may sound to you like lose, lose.  No Harney Peak and 800 miles of travel in one day.  Actually, it is a national convention, with lots of chances for lining up speeches, and it could rain today so Harney peak is questionable at best!  So it's breakfast, car, laugh, learn, love, and leave a legacy, car, and back for breakfast tomorrow morning!  Life is good, and you are loved!

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