Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mature canine, new tricks

As we age, we sometimes lose the desire to be technologically ept.  What we know is good enough to get by.  Why cloud our understanding with new and unnecessary things?  Other than a blatant generalization, in the case of the mature canine next door, it's a full blown fallacy!  She wanted mobility.  She has an I-pad.  She wanted to communicate.  She has an e-mail account.  She wanted to play words with friends.  She plays.  Today, she wanted to be able to click once to get to this blog to be completely entertained and inspired.  (My words, not hers!). But her tech support didn't know how to do that, and quite truthfully, her tech support ain't on the bottom of the age totem, either.  To pass something on, one needs a working knowledge of what to pass.  Ergo, this mature canine had to learn a new trick as well!  Chalk one up for the coots.  With any luck at all, she can click once on her I-pad and read this directly.  Cool!  Now all I have to do is live down the mature canine comment!  Keep learning and know you are loved!

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