Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The unexamined life...

Yeah, well...whoever made that statement didn't keep a Google calendar.  As I looked ahead to examine, I was greeted by an event, or multiples, every day in the near future!  I tired as I contemplated all that is to be done.  For ever so split a second.  And then I smiled, reveling in the fact that most included time with people we love, and most were things we GET to do, not have to do.  More importantly, we CAN do them!  Had my yearly physical this morning.  Got an A+ from my doc (who, as far as I'm concerned, walks on water!).  A shot in the knee, which approaches miraculous results, a frozen spot on my nose, and most importantly, another year before a colonoscopy!  Wipe the grin off my face, I dare you!  So, I guess what whoever talked about examining my life meant is true...having done so, life is most definitely worth living!  Keep busy, love what you get to do, and always count on the fact that you are loved!

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