Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bz--1. Claustrophobia--0

For those of you initiated in the phobias that beset me...I actually did Wind Cave...and survived.  Now let me explain how.  First, we were the only two to ride down in the elevator.  Everyone on the tour preceded us.  Once in the cave, we were always the last of the group.  The way out was supposedly never blocked.  Of course, had I bolted, I would have been completely lost and certainly died!  Deep breaths, an understanding wife, and the promise of a beer with lunch pulled me through.  I'm proud to say I did it!  I'm relatively certain I don't need to do it again!!!  The picture above is part of the box work ceiling in the cave.  I believe I heard them say it was indicative of this particular cave.  I thought it was cool...far too close, but cool.  Of course, the picture below was the first thing we saw upon leaving the cave.  Life is rosey, and you are loved

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