Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It was "the worst of times!"

Those of you who know me know my absolute delight with anything Dickens.  Not.  You also know that by nature, I look for positives in situations.  TALE OF TWO CITIES notwithstanding, this morning was the worst of times.  Having eaten something that didn't agree with me at breakfast, we went looking for a particular type of ginger ale for our trip.  Just as we were at the farthest point in the store from the bathrooms, that which I had eaten decided it should evacuate my body...explosively.  I did my best effort of sphincter control, but perhaps the most polite way of putting this is...cleanup in aisle three.  Thankfully, the bathroom was available, and thanks to the wonder of cellular technology,  my understanding wife headed for home and brought me a different outfit.
I'm sure in the not too distant future, this will become a humorous anecdote.  Today, it's just the craps!  Admit it, it brought a smile to your face!  Know you are loved!

1 comment:

  1. And how does one comment on this situation??? Better you than me? Can happen to anyone? Will they let you back in the store? Yes, someday it might be funny? And now that you told everyone, how will we react when we next see you in person? Snickers? Hugs? You, bz, are a brave man! Love to you...