Sunday, November 9, 2014


When I was a child (just a few years ago) and the promise of a blizzard loomed on the horizon, I would hold my breath waiting for the glory that is winter.  Blizzards meant no school.  Blizzards meant snowball fights.  Blizzards meant everything would be clean and white.  Now, no longer a child, and the promise of a blizzard looms on the horizon, I hold my breath waiting for the worry that is winter.  Will everyone be safe?  Will people use common sense? Will the snow blower start?!!!  Amazing how age adds perspective.  I do hesitate to say this, but there is that child-like part of me that also anticipates the fun.  Since we don't HAVE to go anywhere, and since I trust the wisdom of those around me (I told you...child-like!), the anticipation to actually relive those past excitements reappears.  And when, after three days promise of the event and it doesn't materialize, there is that part of me that is disappointed.  Because, you see, the snow blower does start!  Enjoy whatever is to come, and know you are loved!

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