Sunday, November 30, 2014

In years gone by...

We would have been done decorating on Friday.  Trees would have been up and lit.  All the peripheral pretty would have been placed, and we would have enjoyed the fruits of our labors.  It is now Sunday, and there are two rooms left to go.  And we are enjoying the fruits of our labor--with a little less intensity and a lot more enjoyment!  If the kitchen doesn't get done until tomorrow, so be it.  And my room is started--at least the tree is up and lit!  Who knows.  It may be finished as well!  The process was interrupted by an insane plan to clean the paint room so we had room for things.  Like all good cleaning processes, the contents of the paint room threw up onto the basement floor.  There were coats to go through, mittens and gloves to match, single gloves to cause questions and then be disposed, and of course, for the remainder there was the decision of keep, throw, keep, throw, throw, throw!  Entry to the paint room has been achieved.  Access to the back wall is much less perilous.  And we now have a zoo for the giraffes to winter, whilst shepherds and wise men and little drummer boys take their place.  Give us another week, and we'll be ready.  Or not.  But all is good, and you are loved!

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  1. That is the most frustrating thing about cleaning. The throw-up just seems to move to another room. Throwing is the key...I am getting better.