Sunday, November 23, 2014

The real tree

Should you drive by, you will notice the tree on the front porch has been changed.  It is now a 7 foot blue spruce, purchased and hauled from Menards this very afternoon.  As of yet, it is not lighted.  Something to do tomorrow.  The thing is, it's real.  It looks real.  That is to say, imperfect.  The trunk is crooked.  There are spots where the foliage is a little sparse.  But there's something just right about a real tree.  It's what we had when I was a child.  It smells wonderful.  And it fits outside.  I think the major attribute of the tree is it reminds me of the friends I love.  Not perfect.  Different shapes.  Different foliage.  The term is unique.  Despite their "flaws", they are real.  And that says it all.  So as I look at the tree, I will remember those friends, and thank god for the imperfections!  The season, after all, is about love!  And you are!

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