Sunday, November 16, 2014

memory jogger

I am always amazed at how a little thing can create a big memory.  I was cleaning the kitchen in the basement.  I needed room in the cupboard.  There was something precluding the Pam from moving far enough to the back to shut the door, so I took out the offending items.  And there it the back of the cupboard...a time of my life that changed my world.  And it was basically an innocuous thing.
Back story.  The year...2000.  The event?  Our first meeting of the 2000 state teachers of the year in Dallas.  I was overwhelmed, to say the least.  Dallas.  In January.  In the presence of amazing teachers.  On the night before we were to leave, a group wanted to head out and see the sights in the West End.  I demurred.  I was tired.  But they talked me into it, so I grudgingly went.  It was a riot.  We ended up at Dick's Last Resort.  The whole concept of the place was unruly servers insulting the guests.  And they were good at it.  Of course, I rose to the occasion and gave back in equal doses.  Bonds were formed that night.  Bonds that distance and time simply can't erase. 
As I finished cleaning, I was laughing and crying at what impact that night--that whole year, had on my life.  And while the award was momentous, the people so overwhelmed its impact that to say it was life-changing is understating!  15 years later I can remember little things about all 55 other teachers.  Give me a state and I can give you a name.  Give me a name and I can give you a story!  I hope some of them read this.  Heck, if they show up, I'll pour them a beer in Dick's glass! 
We are the result of our choices!  And I made the right one.  May you be so lucky.  And know you are loved!

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