Friday, November 28, 2014

What would you do?

Let me set the stage.  We ordered a personalized product early in November, hoping to have it by Thanksgiving.  Imagine our surprise when we received notice that it was shipped the next day!  Wow.  We received the tracking number.  After three days, we checked the tracking of the parcel.  It had been delayed due to the blizzard out east.  Understandable.  We checked a week later (now he middle of November), and it was en route.  Cool.  Well, what with the rush during the holiday, we just kind of placed it in the back of our minds...until today, when we both remembered it wasn't here.  Back to check the tracking, only to discover that it had spent at least one day in Watertown, but wasn't delivered because our name wasn't on it.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  The address, that would be our legal address, was correct, but since the addressee's name wasn't ours, the carrier arbitrarily marked it for return to sender.  It now resides in Greenville, North Carolina!  Billy consumer was upset.  I call the company to see what could be done.  Spoke with Willette, who was apologetic and immediately re-ordered the personalized objects and shipped them rush delivery.  At no cost to us.  Even though it wasn't their fault.  Customer service at its best.  HOWEVER, I still had a problem with the delivery (or lack thereof).  I contacted the postal service.  They said the carrier was "being trained".  Then they said we should have our name listed as the addressee.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what happens when someone visits and should receive a letter.  Apparently, although the legal address is correct, the carrier can arbitrarily choose not to honor that address.
Sometimes, face to face is better, so Billy gets on his broom, er, I mean in the car and heads for the postal office.  I allow all other patrons to go before me.  I speak to the delightful former student who is tending the window.  He seems surprised that delivery wasn't attempted, gets on the phone, and calls  for the supervisor.  Out comes a young man who says the supervisor sent him to take care of the problem!  I introduce myself and shake his hand.  He does NOT tell me who he is.  I explain the situation.  He tells me our name should be on the parcel.  I explain to him that I really don['t care whose name is on the package, I object to anyone not delivering mail to a legal address.  He goes back to get the supervisor.  He comes back...alone...and tells me "they" have made a note to deliver all parcels/letters to us that have our address.  Imagine that. They're going to do what they're supposed to do!  His parting shot?  If we get mail not for us, we'd better not call to complain!  Before I can say anything inappropriate, I choose to leave, fuming but thankfully quiet.
Rarely does one experience diametric opposites concerning the same item in the same day.  Both speak volumes.  The company--amazing.  The Postal Service?  Not so much!  Hopefully, the supervisor at the postal service will some day realize her purpose is to serve her customers.  But I won't hold my breath.  If I did, I might turn purple, have my photo taken, want the picture personalized, and have to deal with her again!  They ticked me off, but you?  You are loved!

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