Saturday, November 8, 2014

Customer service

So, we were having some issues with technology (surprise!) so we head out to our provider...A T & T.  As we hit the parking lot, we get a phone call, so our entrance into the store is delayed.  As we sit there, three customers go in before us.  Rats.  We enter, totally prepared to wait our turn.  There are three techs on duty.  Combined age?  Lucky to hit sixty!  Oh goody!  My socks were completely blown off.  All three greeted us.  One called us by name.  (We've been there before!  Often!) The first young man without a customer (Taylor) waited on us.  He fixed all our problems.  He graciously spent the needed time to make us feel as if we weren't stupid.  From one problem to the next, he never made us feel as if we were wasting his time.  I happened to notice the other two techs, (James and Gabe) doing the same thing with the customers they had in front of them.  We have had the opportunity to deal with each of them before, so we were able to chat while they were working.  What an amazing atmosphere!  That's the way I would expect to feel when dealing with people my age.  These youngsters make me smile.  There is no doubt that I will be contacting A T &T to let them know.  These three definitely put the service first!  Our equipment is ready for the blizzard!  Enjoy the upcoming polar plunge, and know you are loved!

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