Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The joy of surprise

Vodka bottle reclaimed and in hand, I was ready to leave the parking lot when my phone rang.  An old friend was passing through town.  Would I like to have a cup of coffee?  Of course.  Lock the booze in the car and proceed to drink coffee and reminisce.  We head home and he decides to spend the night.  While he and Cath catch up, I take the dog to the vet and we head out for supper.  In preparation for tomorrow, fudge is made and pie is baked.  Time for old people to go to bed, but there's this movie we decide to watch.  It wasn't Robin Hood.  Here's the point.  The day could have passed like any other, but the surprise of friendship made it special!  May your days be interrupted by that which makes them memorable, and know always you are loved!

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