Monday, November 24, 2014

Minute 14

I received a questionable call from "the IRS" this morning.  I was directed to call a particular number.  I didn't.  First, the call was a recorded voice.  Second, the call came through on my cell phone.  Third, they said they had been trying to contact me.  Red light.  Red light.  Red light.  Being Billy Consumer, I immediately tried to contact the IRS.  They didn't want to talk to me.  Literally.  I called the Aberdeen office.  They don't take calls.  I called the Sioux Falls office.  They don't take calls.  I went on line.  I went to  After perusing several menus, I found a number to call.  I called.  I went through seven menus.  Some were repetitive.  I finally got to the part that said if I didn't hear what I needed, I should remain on line.  I am.  The approximate wait time was 15 minutes.  That expired 8 minutes ago.  I'm still on hold.  As I understand it, I provide the funding for these offices.  I would appreciate a little customer service from the local branch.  I would appreciate a little customer service from the national branch.  "Our representatives are still helping other customers.  Please continue to hold." is not my idea of effective customer service.  Alas!  Cath's suggestion was to call the Better Business Bureau.  Tried to get that number.  All I got was a form.  Submit it on line.  I'm just trying to be sure no one else gets this "threat" (and that's what it was)!   I shall continue to hold until it's time for yoga.  I shall then hang up and medicate (Freudian slip.  I meant meditate!)  Time to consider the universe in total will probably reduce the import of this issue.  But right now, I'm ticked!  I'll let you know how this turns out, because I love you!

Quick update.  I just spoke with Mrs. Wilson.  I was informed that the IRS does not handle issues in this manner.  That's what I thought.  And for the record, Mrs. Wilson WAS very courteous and polite.  It was nice after the wait!

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