Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stuffed brownies

It's bridge day for the Mrs. Zubke.  She is entertaining (as she always is) three of her PEO sisters for a marathon bridge game.  That is probably more information than you thought you would ever need to know.  Well, here's why it is important.  As hostess, she must serve a "goodie" at the end of the game.  Today, it is stuffed brownies.  This particular batch is stuffed with dark chocolate, and divided into half peppermint pieces, half cream cheese.  The amazing thing about stuffed brownies is, one can be creative.  They don't have to be done the same way every time.  In fact, they rarely are.  And it seems to me that it makes them a little more adventurous.  I'm sure sometime I will discover a blend that just doesn't work.  But at least I will have tried.  Ah, there it is, the life lesson.  If you do the same thing in the same way, you may be successful, but you will never grow.  Experiment.  Switch it up a little.  Should you fail, it's an event, not a label!  And is often the case with brownies, if you start with a good product, you can't go far wrong.  Enjoy the sweet things in life and know you are loved!

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