Monday, November 3, 2014


Different people mark transitions differently.  When I turned 21, I transited to legal.  Exciting, but no big deal.  When I turned 23, I transited to married.  A very big deal!  When I turned 40, I transited to middle age, at least chronologically.  No big deal.  When I turned 55, I transited to retired.  A big deal.  When I turned 62, I transited to government assisted.  No big deal.  Next year, I will transit to Medicare.  A big deal.  Each of these transitions was/will probably marked by a milestone event, as well it should be.  Now, however, we need to get real!  The most important transition that faces me now is...shorts or sweats?!  Then, the question: good shorts/sweats, or grubs?  The first choice is made simple by the calendar and the thermometer.  If the day falls between March and November and the temperature is 40 or above:  Shorts.  If not, sweats.  From November through February, the question becomes; what color?  You have to understand, in either case, I have saved/worn either piece of mentioned wearing apparel since I transited to middle age.  Do the math!  Comfort or class;  that's the question.  Tonight we celebrate Aunt Edith's 95 birthday.  We're taking her out for supper.  I am wearing my GOOD gray sweats with a black turtleneck and a gray sweater.  I look mahvelous!  Hopefully, I will transit from hungry to full.  And look good doing it!  Be comfortable in all your transitions, and know you are loved!

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