Monday, November 10, 2014

I love SD

8 inches of snow.  Cold temperatures.  High winds.  And snow plows that do their job, which means I need to do mine.  Not exactly setting the stage for the title line, am I.  And yet, it was due to all the above that I reached this conclusion.  You see, I had blown earlier during the day.  I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Went out to play bridge.  Came home and the plows hadn't been by.  Watched an episode of NCIS we had taped.  The plows went by.  I quickly went out to clear out the driveway.  First thing that happened--the snow blower plugged up with the leaves I hadn't raked.  Epithets later, I took the handle of the shovel and extricated said clog.  When I turn around, the neighbor across the street was there, shovel in hand, breaking up the snow so it would blow more easily.  And while he was at it, he threw a few shovels out of my way.  I am embarrassed to tell you I can't call him by name.  Gabriel would be my guess based on the good he did!  I managed to finish the driveway, clean up the neighbor's driveway, and as I moved down the block to help the neighbor to the south, I was met by her neighbor to the south who came with his snow blower and helped her clean her driveway.  (Both neighbors to the south are former students.  They must have been learned good!)  Now here's the point.  This is exactly what South Dakota is.  Friend helping friend.  Neighbor helping neighbor.  It's always that way.  Always has been.  Hopefully, always will be.  We're a proud, hearty people, and dag nab it, we know why we're here--to help someone!  L.A. might be warm.  But I love S.D.  and I love you!   

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