Saturday, November 29, 2014

sometimes all it takes is one

For some reason, I have entered that contemplative part of the day--you know--where for no reason, thoughts occur to you.  And of course, since I blog, I am required to share them.  Today, I speak to the response.  Whether it be to a question or to an action, there is really only one chance to "get it right."  Wrong expression?  Ouch.  Wrong initial response?  Ouch.  Unexpected negative response?  Double ouch.  And we have all been the giver and the recipient of each of these.  Unintentionally, we have popped a balloon, increased stress and decreased worth...with a simple response.  Unless, of course, we have done it intentionally, in which case, shame on us!  Likewise, we have been the popee, the stress increaser and the self abaser based on our interpretation of that response.  Unless we simply like to feel bad, in which case, shame on us!  Granted, we usually don't have time to measure each response.  That would truly eliminate any spontaneity at all.  Therefore, I have a proposal.  When confronted with a reaction option, a positive approach to life will help you avoid the negative consequence.  If you begin with the belief that attitude is everything AND attitude is choice, we certainly can work on making it positive, can't we?  And then perhaps the answer to that all important question, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" might not be an eye-popping, jaw dropping, "Oh my god.  Huge!"  Instead, it could be...well, I haven't figured that one out yet!  But I know it'll be based on attitude!  Respond well, and know you are loved!

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